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We always suggest to read your coffee grinders reviews online before buying one for you. Because it is often crucial to find the best one if you do not know the exact features a grinder requires. There are different grinders for espresso, french press and other manual brewing method. Different grinders grind for different level. If you regularly drink espresso, you need fine grind that may not be found in all grinders’ settings.  Three types of grinder we have to place some reviews for you- burr grinder, blade grinder and hand grinder, though burr grinder we recommend to all of you coffee fans to get the perfect cup always.


Reviews: The Best Burr Coffee Grinders


The high quality coffee grinders reviews and ratings go to the burr grinders and the buyers are also satisfied with the burrs rather than blade or manual grinders. The burrs grind the coffee bean very well and the more they offer the consistent grind, the most important thing we should consider. We have now some high quality home use coffee grinders need to introduce to you.


Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder:


Baratza brand has much popularity. They bring us their all purpose grinder baratza encore conical burr grinder. It is an excellent grinder for all type of grind from espresso to other manual brewing. If you have a medium budget and need to grind for all types of brew, taking this is a win!



  1. 40 grind set up
  2. Front mounted pulse button for direct grind
  3. Ready to grind for all brew
  4. Price range is between $120-$150 on amazon

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Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Grinder:

cuisinart dbm-8

This cuisinart brand is a good choice of those who are new to grind. Easily adjustable and has good option to grind for more people. Though medium, coarse and fine grind settings it requires, the fine setting is not so ideal for espresso. But it is an excellent automatic burr mill for drip coffee and french press grind.



  1. 18 grind settings
  2. 18 cup selector option ensures more grind
  3. Automatic burr mill
  4. Ideal for medium, coarse grind, though there is fine grind setup
  5. Price is under $50

Rancilio HSD ROC SD Rocky Grinder:


Best espresso grinder for the budget. Basically espresso grind needs fine and consistent grind but the price of that type of grinder is too much. In this case this Rancilio Rocky can be your helping hand for offering you espresso grind with minimum price.



  1. Ensures good espresso grind
  2. Portafilter option for direct brewing
  3. Very quite grinder


Reviews: The Best Blade coffee Grinders


Though burr grinders get superiority over blade grinders but still blade grinders are popular but the question is why? These types of grinders are available with very cheap price. So it is alluring isn’t it? Ok we have also some other advantage of blade grinders, i.e. all purpose grinder. This grinder can grind coffee bean, spice and other seeds. The other good advantages they offer is that they are portable and compact. You can easily set a blade coffee grinder on the kitchen counter top and on the go the best portable device for your coffee making! One similar feature you find in all blade grinders is that one touch button. Just press the button, it will grind until you see the ground coffee is consistent enough and stop the button-done.


Krups f203  Electric Coffee & Spice Grinder:


Krups f203 coffee grinder grinds both for coffee and spice. Some buyers claim it also able to grind for espresso! It is made of hard plastic and with one touch button and small price, this Krups grinder is granted the best sell product on Amazon.



  1. Grind coffee and spice
  2. Body made of hard plastic
  3. One touch button for start and stop
  4. Portable
  5. Price is under $20


Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind Coffee Grinder:

Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind Coffee Grinder

This Hamilton brand blade grinder can be the best choice for those who love various grind settings in a blade grinder but with cheap price. It has grind settings for French press, drip and als espresso! Good portable grinder with automatic shutdown feature. So, no need to hold the grinder or start button while grinding.




  1. Automatic shut off button after completing grind
  2. A few grind level settings available
  3. Hands free grind after starting to grind
  4. Price under $30
  5. Durable


Reviews: The Best Manual Grinder


Hand grinder or manual grinder has still retained their place in modern coffee world. The very fine grind is the number one reason for that. For turkish coffee, we need very fine grind that we cannot find very well in burr grinders. In this case, hand grinder gives its helping hand. No electricity need, so you can grind anywhere anytime.


The Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder:


The Porlex mini coffee grinder is most suitable for travelers and like to have coffee while on the go!. The shape of this mini grinder is like cylinder so you can easily pack it in your bag or bring with anything else. For the body is made of stainless steel you can comfortably clean the grinder anywhere.



  1. The grinder on the go
  2. Stainless steel body for easy cleaning
  3. Little weight
  4. Ceramic conical burrs
  5. Versatile settings for most brew
  6. Portable
  7. Price is under $80


Javapresse Coffee Company Manual Coffee Grinder:

Javapresse Coffee Company Manual Coffee Grinder

Javapresse Coffee Company manual grinder has 18 grind settings for almost all brews. The slim body is awesome and portable so while traveling you feel no mess. So this is excellent both for home use and office for all type of grind.



  1. 18 grind settings ensure full precision control over all type of brew including, turkish, espresso, French press, aero press, percolator, keurig k cup, spice grind.
  2. Easily portable anywhere
  3. Quiet grinder
  4. Price under $20

This coffee grinders reviews are based on the features and reviews from manufacturers and customers. Hope you have got your choice and ready to grab one for your home! We always want you to help, that is only our motto. Thank you


Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Review Online : Customers Inquiry & Solution

Bodum bistro electric burr coffee grinder review from customer definitely aids its genuine buyer. A friendly budget coffee grinder under $100 and great servings for coffee lovers. Its’ boro silicate glass catcher is one of the great features you will rarely find in other coffee grinders.

Bodum bistro electric burr coffee grinder review from customers question
Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Three Colors



  1. Grind whole coffee beans maintaining flavour and with consistent grind
  2. A burr grinder offering 14 grind set up readily grind your coffee for any type of brew
  3. Boro silicate coffee glass catcher gives you static cling free grind
  4. The lid of the burr grinder keep your whole coffee bean fresh
  5. Pre set timer is good for setting time while grinding
  6. Durable burr and 6 colors available


While buying this bodum bistro, customers general question and the answer will give you extra benefit to know this grinder very well. Let’s see what the information we get from them and for all the essential pros and cons and features with good details, we find this bodum bistro electric burr coffee grinder review by grinderguides very helpful.


We generally get these customers review and answer from amazon and arrange them for convenience for those who has little time to see all the problems and solved issue and review of the already buy customer.


  1. In any case you break the glass receiver, you have an option to replace the glass either from amazon or bodum sites but  lid is not replaceable. So be careful about that.
  2. It does not have settings for cups you want to grind but with timer it goes excellent if you adjust grinding time.
  3. Bodum bistro grinder occupies a conical burr not flat burr. Conical burr is always best about grinding coffee bean
  4. It grinds directly into the glass catcher and Unfortunately the grinder has no auto shut-off system so you have to insert jar while grinding
  5. It can grind for espresso. You need to experiment which setting it goes good for finest setting . one says turning the notch 1 or ½  from finest setting works on him!
  6. Though it can directly grind into portafilter, glass catcher works excellent in this case.
  7. This grinder is made in china and the coffee catcher is 3.5” high and the grinder is 11” tall.
  8. While grinding, mid level sound arises I mean not quite silent grinder if only the sounds matter to you!
  9. You cannot remove the bottom burr for cleaning but with brush and also uncooked rice grinding fine help you to keep the grinder quite clean and every time fresh grind.


All these important customers inquiries in bodum bistro electric burr coffee grinder review section we found best to handle in this article and hope you got your information and ready to determine if this conical burr grinder is your one you wished! Best of luck!


All Budget Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinder with all budget here we show you for the best. when it is a matter of buying a coffee grinder, the first thing we have to see that how much money  we should cost for a machine that will serve the most of it. we have found some quality grinders within friendly budget. under $50 you will find krups f203, proctor silex E160By, hamilton Beach 80365, Kuissential manual, hario Skerton. Between $50- $200 the high quality grinders are Bodum bistro, Brevile Smart Grinder, baratza Encore etc. And the best quality is between $200- $500 you find Baratza Virtuoso, Gaggia 8002, Kitchenaid ProLine, Rancilio Rocky, Baratza vario.


coffee grinder infographic

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